Tips for beginners buying golf clubs for the first time

Whenever people decide to start playing golf and ask for recommendations on choosing golf clubs, i have to give them the same advice all the time. So i thought it would be more efficient if i wrote down everything that i have to say about the subject here. First and foremost, the most important advice i’d like to give is this : Unless you’re absolutely certain that you like playing golf, and will enjoy playing it for years in the future, don’t spend more than few hundred dollars on golf club set. I know so many people who do this – they buy stylish and hottest golf clubs, but after playing with them couple of times, they never use them anymore and instead these clubs end up either sold, or slowly decay in the storage. I think that’s the biggest waste when it comes to buying golf clubs. It’s better to try out waters of golf by dipping your toes first, rather than jumping straight in. I think renting golf clubs for the first few times you go golfing is a good way to do that. You can rent golf club sets that are very good and they will only cost you small fraction of purchasing cost  of those same clubs. Obviously, you don’t get to keep those rented clubs as they are not your property, but i think that shouldn’t be an issue when you’re just getting started. Other great way to test the waters of golf is by borrowing golf clubs from some of your friends who already play golf, if you have any. This is even cheaper and more efficient option for trying out golf, but it is contingent on you having friends who already play golf.

If you have your mind firmly set on buying golf clubs, i would recommend buying golf club set (such as Callaway Strata Ultimate). Getting them, instead of buying clubs individually, is smart because of many reasons. For once, club sets are much cheaper than what it would cost you to collect set of clubs that are as good as those that come with that set. It’s also convenient because Callaway makes these sets for left handed golfers like myself as well. For more about left-handed clubs, read this guide. They are priced that way because Callaway and other manufacturers find it more profitable to sell clubs as a package rather than trying to sell them one by one. They make more sales that way, so financially, it makes sense for golf club manufacturers to do it. These bundles of clubs also have other advantages. For once, they usually come with golf bags and other useful accessories, like headcovers. Basically, as a beginner, it makes the job of buying your first clubs extremely easy. Just buy the set and few other necessary accessories (like golf sneakers, gloves and probably an umbrella) and you’re good to go.

If you’re a beginner, one of the sets from Callaway Strata series is probably your best bet. Those sets aren’t all that expensive, but they come with everything a beginner might need to get started. On the other hand, All-hybrid golf club set by Majek would probably be my default choice if i were to name best club set for senior golfers. Those hybrids are designed to be easy to hit and very light in weight, both of which are very beneficial for the elderly golfers. Hybrids, in general, are famous for being much more forgiving than long irons. I would also recommend to pay attention to drivers and woods that come with any golf club set. They are very important in your golf game, and while you can’t expect golf club sets to come with best specimen of drivers, even among affordable clubs, some are better than others.

Some people expect a lot of quality and craftsmanship from club sets, and are disappointed when they get golf clubs that are decent, but not spectacular. If you want those types of clubs for cheap, your best shot is probably going for used golf clubs.

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