How to save money on golf gear

Over the years, golf has acquired reputation as being exclusively for the rich. That is of course, not true, because many average-income people, including myself, play golf all the time. But it can not be said that golf’s such reputation is undeserved. Golf clubs alone can cost up to few thousand dollars, not to count other accessories and golf apparel. On top of that, you have to constantly keep paying for tee time and other expenses related to maintenance of your clubs. It quickly adds up and all this expense, just for single sport, becomes hard to justify, unless you are financially at least healthy. I am now, but i haven’t always been good with my finances, but i still wanted to play golf. That’s why i’ve figured out few work-arounds and tricks that you can use to play golf with excellent golf clubs without it ruining your finances. I am going to focus on golf clubs, because that’s the most troublesome expense for most people. Golf accessories and apparel aren’t that expensive anyway, so i tend to buy them new. It’s just that you have to know good retailers to buy from, or you might get ripped off.

First off, i wanted to start by saying that if you’re a beginner, there’s high chance that you don’t need expensive clubs at all. Walmart golf clubs or any of the high-rated club sets that you can get from Amazon will be more than enough to get you started. It will take you at least a year until you outgrow them and playing with them becomes boring. At that point, you’ll have enough experience to choose great clubs by yourself. The problem with budget still withstands though. Even with high end clubs, i think it’s better to buy them as a package, instead of buying them individually. Golf club manufacturers tend to make more profit when they sell golf clubs as a package, and because of that, golf club sets tend to be more valuable on per-dollar basis. If golf club sets aren’t affordable enough for your budget, buying used golf clubs might be another viable route to staying within the budget. After year or so, when newer clubs are released, rich golfers tend to sell their clubs at highly discounted price. Clubs that used to cost five hundred dollars when they came out, are being sold for around third of the price, sometimes even less. I think most important individual clubs are hybrids and rescue clubs. If you are confused about them and need advice regarding choosing rescue clubs, check linked article. In my experience, that’s the best time to get your hands on those clubs, which is why i’m always scouring eBay and craigslist for latest deals. It should also be noted that when buying used clubs online, you should be very careful to not end up with a knockoff or battered golf club. Craigslist is especially notorious for this kind of thing. If i could give just one advice on shopping for used clubs online, it would be this : pay attention to seller ratings and avoid sellers that aren’t reputable. Other great online stores for buying used clubs include, but aren’t limited to GlobalGolf and CallawayPreOwned. Both are great and trustworthy brands, and i’ve personally bought many used golf clubs from both of them. I haven’t had or heard any complaints about their service and quality of golf clubs bought from them.

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