My review of callaway strata golf set

My wife gave me Callaway strata set as a birthday gift two months ago. I have never played golf before, but expressed my desire to try it. So it makes sense that i’ve been reading and watching a lot of online golf tutorials to learn how to use my golf set properly. I do my best to master the art of perfect swing, but i have still a lot to learn. But my Strata club set is making everything easier for me. After reading some reddit and forum discussions, i’m glad that my wife chose to give me this club set. So many people have problems picking golf clubs for themselves. Some of them find their golf clubs too short, while others don’t like the material and problems just keep piling on. On the other hand, i found myself getting used to my set almost instantly, and even though i’m not an expert, clubs seem to be perfectly proportionate to my arm length. I didn’t have to hand pick particular golf irons or drivers either. I understand that for two hundred dollars, my Strata club set might not include the best drivers and woods, but i’ve tried high end clubs as well, and honestly, i can’t seem to notice difference.

A lot of other people have trouble finding golf bag that matches length of their golf clubs and the number of clubs themselves. Mine came with golf bag, which was surprisingly high quality. I’ve looked at prices of other golf bags, and some of them cost as much as my whole set, including the bag and clubs. I honestly don’t know how callaway managed to package this fantastic set of clubs and the bag into one product, but i applaud them for it. Considering the difference in prices, mine seem to be on the lower end of quality. But If this is lower end, i would love to find out what these few thousand dollar clubs are like. But whatever they are, i wouldn’t spend more than few hundred dollars on golf gear, ever. I don’t like unnecessary expenses, and considering the fact that i like my current club set, i doubt i would ever replace my strata set. And after reading few customer reviews of these club sets, i expect them to last at least two or three hours. After which, i would be happy to pay another two or three hundred clubs get new one. I doubt my experience of playing golf might entice me to get better clubs, but even if it does, i’ve taken a look at ultimate strata set, which seems great. I’m looking forward to gaining experience and filling that small golf knowledge gaps that i have left.