Are expensive golf clubs worth it?

Common stereotype about golf is that it is rich man (or woman)’s sport and due to its high costs, average people rarely get to enjoy it. That stereotype isn’t exactly baseless, but it’s not entirely true either. Sure, there are many golf sets that cost few thousand dollars, and those sets do improve your golf game by a significant margin, but that margin only becomes important if you intend to play on professional levels. If you want to be a casual golfer who enjoys golfing on weekends, then the difference between high end clubs and regular, affordable clubs isn’t that vital in terms of performing at your highest potential.  Because of this misunderstanding, many beginner golfers often get discouraged from pursuing golf any further, thinking that their bad results is all because of cheap equipment. That’s rarely the case, and in my opinion, they are just impatient and want to achieve perfection without practice. Truth is, it takes months to get familiar with golf and play it properly, even at amateur level. Golf lessons and equipment can certainly help, but they can’t be the only solution. Unfortunately, those beginner golfers who do have the budget to afford these high end clubs, often do purchase them, which, of course, doesn’t solve their problems and only adds to the disappointment. So, in this article, i wanted to discuss what sort of effects do excellent golf clubs have on your game, and whether they are worth the investment at different stages of development as a golfer.


Just like with other types of equipment, quality and craftsmanship of golf clubs doesn’t increase proportionally with their price. To put it in other words, for three or four hundred dollars, you can get Callaway Strata Ultimate golf club set. It has everything that you’ll ever need as casual golfer and you should be set for at least few years. On the other hand, when you get to expensive sets, for example, one and two thousand dollar sets, the differences between them start to become bleaker as the price increases. The inability of expensive clubs to noticeably improve your game is further exacerbated by the fact that all golfers are different and no one club can fix their different problems. I always recommend to people to do the research about their playing style and take few lessons to figure out what kind of clubs they need. Sometimes people don’t even bother to get the sizes straight, and play with excellent expensive clubs which aren’t fit for their arm length. Anyone with a bit of knowledge of golf can understand how wasteful that sounds. To elaborate, when choosing a golf club, making sure it fits your body requirements or if not, having it fitted is the most important part of the process.

If you’re a beginner, the most important thing to look for in golf club sets is forgiveness. As i mentioned before, Callaway Strata series is undisputed king of affordable club sets, which is why it is wildly popular and flying off the shelves. This popularity allows Callaway to reduce production costs and make the club sets even better. If you don’t feel like getting Callaway, there are many other brands too. I’ve heard good things about beginners’ club sets by Adams and Wilson. There are pricier options available, too, and you should surely check them out if you’re not tight on budget, but most people are, so we’ll focus on average customer here. If you’re a beginner and want golf iron that is absolute best, i would recommend checking out this GolfClubsGuru guide on choosing irons. Forgiveness means that golf club is built with beginner in mind, so when she or he inevitably makes a mistake, that mistake will be negated, or to say it with other words, “forgiven”. That is the idea behind forgiving clubs and you’ll rightfully hear a lot of experts recommending them to beginners. What a lot of experts don’t say, is that forgiveness very often comes at the cost of accuracy. Still, i think a little bit of accuracy in exchange for forgiveness is a price that is worth paying for a beginner golfer.

One more benefit of buying golf club sets (at least the ones i’ve recommended above) is that they often come with a bag. Golf bags tend to cost about hundred dollars if bought separately, so getting one along with clubs as a combo is definitely a good catch.

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