Best bargains on golf clubs right now

I’m a guy whose first reaction to any new product or opportunity, is to ask “how much does it cost”? I didn’t know that was something extraordinary, until one of my friends pointed it out. If you have at least one friend like me, you know the type. Some people see me as a buzzkill, but i think being concerned about my finances is part of my responsibility as an adult. So, with that being said, i wanted to devote this post to talking about best bargains on golf clubs, bags, shoes and other golf stuff right now. There are many opportunities to save money – such as buying used golf clubs, or buying one from your friend, but we hope to discuss the less obvious ones.

 One of the best deals right now are on Nike golf clubs. If you haven’t heard yet, Nike decided to quit golf club market and stop making any more golf clubs. So prices on their golf clubs, especially the old models, which can’t compete with the brand new models from competitors, started shaking. They may be sold out on Amazon and major sporting goods stores, but if you source some smaller stores in your local area, it’s very likely that you will manage to get one for very good price. You can ask around for used Nike golf clubs. Some people decided to give up playing with Nikes for some reason, and they are willing to trade those clubs for pretty attractive prices. It’s perhaps because of ending of sponsorship that Nike had with Tiger Woods, but i think it’s strange reason to stop playing with your beloved club. I have bought used Nike Vapors myself, and i wouldn’t trade it for anything.

 Another good deal is to buy club models for last years. Golf club manufacturers have this scheme to trick people into buying into new golf club – they launch new, improved models of certain popular golf clubs every year. So people, wanting to keep up with the times, people rush to buy new clubs and all this money flows back into the manufacturers’ cash reserves to make new golf clubs, and cycle goes on. And you can cheat this scheme by buying used, or new models from last year. They are largely discounted and quality is pretty much the same. If you can find them in used but good condition, you’re in even better luck. Those clubs cost peanuts, and last almost as well as  new one. I have had one or two good purchases like that, and they were my favorite clubs which i didn’t replace until they literally broke down.

 I hope my tips helped some of you, and i’d love to hear tips from you as well, if you are willing to share them in comments.

How to properly cook fried chicken – the ultimate recipe

Brining is essential not just for making the juiciest chicken, but also for seasoning into the bone. Though salt is a constant, the brine can take several forms. 1 recipe utilizes a liquid brine scented with berry and citrus with red pepper; yet a different provides a sterile brine filled with spices; along with a third requires semi-poaching the chicken in a brine-like broth before frying.

Another essential ingredient (and also for several fried chicken fans ( the most important) is that the crispy coat. Not only does it add another layer of flavor, but additionally, it can help to keep the chicken juicy. Every one of the chefs do this step a little differently, but they agree that it’s important to allow the coated, uncooked chicken sit for a little bit before skillet so that the coating pops up and adheres into the skin rather than sliding off to the hot oil.


There are two strategies to fry poultry: deep-frying, in which the chicken is completely submerged in warm oil, and pan-frying, where the chicken is partly submerged and flipped through cooking. With deep-frying, it is simple to fry chicken evenly, however you end up getting plenty of leftover oil. Pan-frying uses less oil, but because the oil spatters more, it can be messier. Regardless of the strategy used, it is important to brush in batches so the oil’s temperature doesn’t fall too much when the chicken is added to the pot and to adjust the heat to keep a hot frying temperature. In the event the oil cools down, the fried chicken is going to be greasy and soggy (and so sad!) .


All the chefs recommend elevating the chicken on a rack after frying so that it will not become soggy while it stinks. Not that it will be heating for extended. Once these juicy fried pieces come from the oil, they’ll go quickly.


Just what is a brine, and how can this operate? A brine is most commonly a water and salt solution where chicken sticks to get a couple of hours up to overnight, but dry brines, where the chicken is garnished with salt and spices, are also an option. Whether the brine is liquid or dry, the salt can help to denature proteins from the meat, which means that the tightly wound muscle fibers unwind and then are able to take in not only the sodium, but in addition any other flavors in the brine. In the case of a wet brine, the beef also absorbs some of the brine, making it more juicy. 1 benefit of a sterile brine is the fact that it pulls out the poultry’s own juices, which can be inserted directly into the meat along with the flavorings, maintaining it profoundly chickeny.