Average lifespan of golf clubs

Like many things in existence, golf clubs have a expiration date.  After a while you might realise your clubs may not function like they had  if you’re an avid golfer.  It is you might wish to consider replacing your golf clubs.  Until you consider replacing them, but how long should they continue?

In summary, the life span of contemporary golf clubs may be anywhere in the decades, to a life when repairs are created.  The durability of your golfing clubs is determined by how well you take care of your own clubs along with you play.

Understandably, clubs usually tend to wear out with time and at various prices, because a few clubs are utilized considerably more than many others.  Broadly your own golf driver, speaking will be the very first to select out of a pair of golf clubs.  As an example, since the grooves will work out, wedges will need to be replaced, in the event that you reach them on path and the scope and effect can be lost by motorists.  Since they’re rarely employed on the other hand irons can endure for decades.  It may last the remainder of your golf life, equally your chairs, by way of instance, is not likely to work out and, if cared for correctly.

In contrast, back in the afternoon, golfers could anticipate a club to endure a brief time period since the numerous substances used in golf clubs and golf balls have been just not accessible enough.  Balls had been wooden also and shafts were made from hickory, significance golf gear was more prone to breaking.  It was not until’milder’ golfing makers engineered chunks, that nightclubs started to last.  However, as technology has progressed, heads club shafts and grips became resilient and more powerful.

So the secret is, even if you’re absolutely content with the operation of your own clubs, there’s just no requirement to substitute them.  You may expect them to perform the task for rounds of golf.  Once you set up your golf clubs Alternatively, when needed, you ought to be buying new equipment depending on the requirements of your very own set and enhancing, or they violate.  It is that new clubs that are buying is essential, since they aren’t only damaging to your match, they could be harmful to play on the golf program.

If your aim is to get highest quality golf clubs as a senior, then there are some blog posts you should read. For once, this GolfClubsGuru article about best irons for seniors is a good start.

As tempting as it could be, golfers should avoid substituting clubs once new sets and enhanced technology are introduced, in an effort to enhance their game.  We talked to golfer that changing and swapping clubs frequently had a direct impact on his game.

Clubs which are treated using a little bit of tender, love and attention are far prone to honest well and continue for quite a few years, compared to those used regularly and often found coated in sand or sand.  How do you guarantee you’re currently handling your golf clubs to make sure they survive?

You will know when to substitute clubs quite rapidly.  Should they are out of equilibrium or get hard to fix golfers may feel and see the difference after hitting shots.

The very last thing you probably would like to do is substitute this club, and that means that you may attempt to fix it .  You rebound and have them assessed to your loft, lie, counter tops, and can choose that club all your clubs.  The golf club specialist will have the ability to assist you decide the golfing club club lifespan by simply comparing your golf clubs.  The attic is the angle.  It’s possible, although damage would have to happen to modify your clubs’ attic.

The lie of the golf clubs is that the angle that’s formed by the sole of the bar and also the center of the rotating shaft.  This can be a significant element in ball management and may change over time.

If the top edge of a golf club will be set back in the hosel, the bar is counter tops.  This amount should stay consistent from golf driver whether any region of the club gets in the other components but it might change.

But, remember that it is not necessarily to the state of clubs which might ask that you stick your hands in your wallet.  Improvements might need that you modify your own golf clubs to match your match and may have an influence on your playing skill.

If you believe that your game has improved, look at booking yourself to get a club fitting, since the match can alter over time.  You must ensure your clubs have been still currently keeping up to make certain you’re receiving the maximum from your sport.  As an example, if your swing speed has significantly increased as a consequence of fitness, you may want to modify your shaft.

Everything you must know about golf tees

The golf tee is an important part of golfers’ equipment. It makes the ball rise above the ground.

Invention of the tee was the latest and very important change of the rules of golf. The golf tee  has a long story and a big list of inventors as long as from time to time different people developed different types of golf tees. But the type of golf tee which is most commonly used today was invented at Maplewood Golf Club in 1921 by an American dentist- William Lowell. He supported a great deal to make manufactured tees popular.  It was made of wood and painted with the red tops, from here comes its name: Reddy Tee. Reddy Tees were first commercial tees ever.

Before the invention of a golf tee, golfers used to play with a mound of sand instead. They used the same name for a mound of sand that had the same function as a golf tee. It was rather uncomfortable and messy to use and needed some towels and water because hands of a golfer were getting dirty with a sand.  However, sometimes but very rarely, this method is being used even in modern times.

Generally, golf tee is thin and approximately two or three inches in height, It’s made of wood or plastic peg. Despite all the moderations or development that tees went through, they are still simple, nail-like objects. Golf tees are really inexpensive because they are easily damaged and breakable.

One can not always use a golf tee while playing. There are special circumstances or rules under which you can use a golf tee. For instance, it can only be used on the teeing ground- the area where play begins in a hole of golf.  Using a golf tee is not compulsory it is totally up to players’ choice. Mostly, tees are used for the first stroke of each hole and it is called a tee shot.  Although there are general rules for using a tee, there can be some local or seasonal rules too.

Similarly to the golf clubs, there are different types for golf tees. For example, Aero Spark tees are almost unbreakable because of its flexible neck. Endurance of such tees is higher and they survive more than 3 rounds on average.

I don’t know if this applies to everyone, but i, as a petite lady, find high quality golf tees particularly useful. It’s gotten to a point where i can’t even play round of golf if i don’t like the tees i’m using. On top of that, it’s also extremely important to choose golf clubs that are fitting for a petite lady golfer.

Some of the tees also can be planted on the same height evrey time, which provides golfer successful strokes.

On the market you can find even biodegradable tees. In organic environment they are biodegraded in almost a year which helps to protect the environment and keep it from pollution.

Nowadays golf tees are being developed so as some of them are oriented to offer a less resistance, like zero friction tees. Reduced friction makes it possible to perform a stroke with less resistance. Some golfers have problem with zero friction tees because of tri-holsters which make it difficult to balance the ball on.

For Stinger tees less resistance is provided by the structure of a tee- its cup is more shallowed, also it has thinner shaft and head to lower the resistance level.

What to bring on mountaneering trip

On the off chance that you’re hoping to take your undertakings higher than ever, at that point mountaineering may be your ticket. This propelled action consolidates components of exceptional trekking and moving to give competitors a feeling of invigoration as they investigate a portion of nature’s most delightful pinnacles.

With no pre-sliced trails to pursue, and with conditions regularly in the limits, mountaineering isn’t something you should simply pack up and go for hastily.

Starting with your clothing, make certain to check with nearby experts and climate gauges to show signs of improvement comprehension of what conditions you’ll experience. As indicated by Mountain Madness Alpine Guide Marina Fitzpatrick, your attire ought to be warm and waterproof, yet you would prefer not to sweat yourself out of your gear.

On the off chance that your mountaineering experience is a multi-day trek through the earth, at that point you will without a doubt need a dozing framework in your pack, just as your trusty mountainside cookware. In your mountaineering pack, you ought to incorporate a resting cushion, hiking bed, tent, nourishment and water, just as a camp stove. “And afterward, obviously, medical aid gear and a guide is dependably a smart thought,” says Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick includes that on the off chance that ice sheet travel is normal, at that point your mountaineering apparatus ought to likewise incorporate crampons, a saddle, ice hatchet, ascending head protector, a few carabiners and even some ice screws and pickets to construct snow grapples if circumstances call for them.

When pressing the majority of your mountaineering gear, your fundamental spotlight ought to be on equalization and focal point of gravity. Having a very much adjusted pack can have any kind of effect on the mountain as far as solace and simplicity of convey, so as to achieve this, pack your heaviest things as near your back as could be expected under the circumstances. Fill in air pockets with gentler things, for example, tent canvases and extra layers. Your rigging doesn’t need to be splendidly composed as you’ll have a lot of time to take everything out and sort out at camp. With regards to pressing for the trek, attempt and get your rigging as conservative as could be expected under the circumstances.

Mountaineering can be an incredible, exceptional action for extraordinary competitors searching for more experience.

Tips for beginners buying golf clubs for the first time

Whenever people decide to start playing golf and ask for recommendations on choosing golf clubs, i have to give them the same advice all the time. So i thought it would be more efficient if i wrote down everything that i have to say about the subject here. First and foremost, the most important advice i’d like to give is this : Unless you’re absolutely certain that you like playing golf, and will enjoy playing it for years in the future, don’t spend more than few hundred dollars on golf club set. I know so many people who do this – they buy stylish and hottest golf clubs, but after playing with them couple of times, they never use them anymore and instead these clubs end up either sold, or slowly decay in the storage. I think that’s the biggest waste when it comes to buying golf clubs. It’s better to try out waters of golf by dipping your toes first, rather than jumping straight in. I think renting golf clubs for the first few times you go golfing is a good way to do that. You can rent golf club sets that are very good and they will only cost you small fraction of purchasing cost  of those same clubs. Obviously, you don’t get to keep those rented clubs as they are not your property, but i think that shouldn’t be an issue when you’re just getting started. Other great way to test the waters of golf is by borrowing golf clubs from some of your friends who already play golf, if you have any. This is even cheaper and more efficient option for trying out golf, but it is contingent on you having friends who already play golf.

If you have your mind firmly set on buying golf clubs, i would recommend buying golf club set (such as Callaway Strata Ultimate). Getting them, instead of buying clubs individually, is smart because of many reasons. For once, club sets are much cheaper than what it would cost you to collect set of clubs that are as good as those that come with that set. It’s also convenient because Callaway makes these sets for left handed golfers like myself as well. For more about left-handed clubs, read this guide. They are priced that way because Callaway and other manufacturers find it more profitable to sell clubs as a package rather than trying to sell them one by one. They make more sales that way, so financially, it makes sense for golf club manufacturers to do it. These bundles of clubs also have other advantages. For once, they usually come with golf bags and other useful accessories, like headcovers. Basically, as a beginner, it makes the job of buying your first clubs extremely easy. Just buy the set and few other necessary accessories (like golf sneakers, gloves and probably an umbrella) and you’re good to go.

If you’re a beginner, one of the sets from Callaway Strata series is probably your best bet. Those sets aren’t all that expensive, but they come with everything a beginner might need to get started. On the other hand, All-hybrid golf club set by Majek would probably be my default choice if i were to name best club set for senior golfers. Those hybrids are designed to be easy to hit and very light in weight, both of which are very beneficial for the elderly golfers. Hybrids, in general, are famous for being much more forgiving than long irons. I would also recommend to pay attention to drivers and woods that come with any golf club set. They are very important in your golf game, and while you can’t expect golf club sets to come with best specimen of drivers, even among affordable clubs, some are better than others.

Some people expect a lot of quality and craftsmanship from club sets, and are disappointed when they get golf clubs that are decent, but not spectacular. If you want those types of clubs for cheap, your best shot is probably going for used golf clubs.

Learning to play golf – best practices, tips and tricks

Getting better at golf is something that almost every beginner golfer wants. How exactly to do it, is something very few of them know. There are some ways that have proven to be more or less effective, of course. Some people take golfing lessons, while others prefer to learn on the course, by themselves. They might get the aid of some videos, but that’s about as much tutelage they get. Still, you’ll see a lot of people who’ve learned to play golf many different ways. I wanted to discuss these different approaches, and voice my opinion on which one is the best, and why.

Before trying to improve your golf skills though, the first thing you should do is buy golf clubs. There are many opinions on which golf clubs beginners should buy, but if you ask me, it’s pretty simple. Novice golfers should always get something that’s cheap and decent. Cheap, because they shouldn’t be investing too much money into sport that they aren’t sure about, and decent, because crappy golf clubs won’t be good enough to teach them about golf clubs and golf in general. I think perfect example of this is the Callaway Strata Ultimate golf club set. It costs only around four hundred dollars, and it has everything a beginner golfer might ever need. There are other cheaper alternatives, like 11 piece-set from the same Callaway Strata series, but i think those aren’t good enough. Sure, when you’re just a beginner, it will be fine during your first year of playing golf, but predictably, you’ll soon grow out of them. Callaway Ultimate set, on the other hand, will be perfect as a beginner as well as once you get to be intermediate-level player, or even better.

First, let’s discuss the prospects of learning golf by actually playing it. You have probably heard the expression that the best way to learn something is to start doing it in practice. I think golf is no exception. Playing golf can be a great teacher, and the best part of it is, you don’t ever get tired, because you’re having fun while learning. Learning golf just by doing it has disadvantages of its own, i think. For once, you don’t have any feedback while you’re at it, so you can’t know what you’re doing right or wrong.You have to rely on guesswork and your intuition, but when it comes to playing golf properly, like most things, not everything is so intuitive.


That’s why i think combination of the two – golf lessons and actual practice – is the only way to progress in golf. If you’re spending so much on golf clubs and other gear, as well as golf course fees, it doesn’t make sense to not take golf lessons once in a while. At the very least, you can learn what mistakes you’re making, and correct it. Forcing yourself to find your own mistakes is wasted energy, i think. It’s much easier when you have someone else – in this case, golf instructor – guiding you. I’ve found combining a lot of practice with few golf lessons here and there to be very effective.

One thing is for sure that you can’t cheat the system. Better results in golf can’t be achieved through using more expensive golf clubs or other tricks like that. You have to be trying new things, in golf as well as in everything else, to fundamentally learn something. Affordable club sets will be fine for that at the beginning, and once you’re better, you can always upgrade to better clubs. I do prefer buying them used rather than brand new though. It saves a lot of money down the road, which allows me to buy more exciting golf accessories and gadgets.

How to save money on golf gear

Over the years, golf has acquired reputation as being exclusively for the rich. That is of course, not true, because many average-income people, including myself, play golf all the time. But it can not be said that golf’s such reputation is undeserved. Golf clubs alone can cost up to few thousand dollars, not to count other accessories and golf apparel. On top of that, you have to constantly keep paying for tee time and other expenses related to maintenance of your clubs. It quickly adds up and all this expense, just for single sport, becomes hard to justify, unless you are financially at least healthy. I am now, but i haven’t always been good with my finances, but i still wanted to play golf. That’s why i’ve figured out few work-arounds and tricks that you can use to play golf with excellent golf clubs without it ruining your finances. I am going to focus on golf clubs, because that’s the most troublesome expense for most people. Golf accessories and apparel aren’t that expensive anyway, so i tend to buy them new. It’s just that you have to know good retailers to buy from, or you might get ripped off.

First off, i wanted to start by saying that if you’re a beginner, there’s high chance that you don’t need expensive clubs at all. Walmart golf clubs or any of the high-rated club sets that you can get from Amazon will be more than enough to get you started. It will take you at least a year until you outgrow them and playing with them becomes boring. At that point, you’ll have enough experience to choose great clubs by yourself. The problem with budget still withstands though. Even with high end clubs, i think it’s better to buy them as a package, instead of buying them individually. Golf club manufacturers tend to make more profit when they sell golf clubs as a package, and because of that, golf club sets tend to be more valuable on per-dollar basis. If golf club sets aren’t affordable enough for your budget, buying used golf clubs might be another viable route to staying within the budget. After year or so, when newer clubs are released, rich golfers tend to sell their clubs at highly discounted price. Clubs that used to cost five hundred dollars when they came out, are being sold for around third of the price, sometimes even less. I think most important individual clubs are hybrids and rescue clubs. If you are confused about them and need advice regarding choosing rescue clubs, check linked article. In my experience, that’s the best time to get your hands on those clubs, which is why i’m always scouring eBay and craigslist for latest deals. It should also be noted that when buying used clubs online, you should be very careful to not end up with a knockoff or battered golf club. Craigslist is especially notorious for this kind of thing. If i could give just one advice on shopping for used clubs online, it would be this : pay attention to seller ratings and avoid sellers that aren’t reputable. Other great online stores for buying used clubs include, but aren’t limited to GlobalGolf and CallawayPreOwned. Both are great and trustworthy brands, and i’ve personally bought many used golf clubs from both of them. I haven’t had or heard any complaints about their service and quality of golf clubs bought from them.

Are affordable golf club sets any good? my experience

Golf clubs are is definitely the biggest expense when you’re shopping for golf gear as a beginner. So many different kinds of clubs with wildly varying prices don’t exactly make things simpler either. As a woman, i had to choose between taylormade kalea (review of which you can find here) and simple Callaway Set for women. If there’s one thing all golfers and in general, people can agree on, is that we don’t want to pay more for a product than we have to. That’s exactly why beginner golfers are usually looking for club sets that are cheap and promise to be effective on the golf course. Store brand golf club sets, especially the Nitro blasters at walmart, fit the bill perfectly. There are many other similar club sets sold by other manufacturers, most notable being Strata club set series by Callaway, which is highly rated and reviewed club set on its own. They have affordable as well as pricey options, and the latter is so good that even semi-professional golfers use them sometimes. Based on my basic understanding of economics, these club sets must be lucrative for manufacturers because they get to sell golf clubs in bulk, so costs of producing them are reduced. Consumers, on the other hand, can benefit from affordable prices. So popularity and novice golfers’ curiosity about these clubs shouldn’t come off as surprise to anyone.

You should note that i will be writing based on personal experience of using Walmart Nitro Blasters on the golf course and limited experience of playing with Callaway Strata sets. I do know that Wilson, Adams and other brands have similar offerings as well, but i haven’t had a chance to play with their clubs and quite frankly, i doubt they have anything novel to offer. These two club sets are quite similar as it is, and being recognized as one of the best value club sets on market right now, i don’t see how checking out other options could help our investigation at this point. Anyway, back to the topic – i have used Walmart club set back in the day when i was just beginning to play golf myself. Being straight out of college and not having top-tier job, made me concerned against blowing all my budget on fancy club set. I also didn’t want the process of choosing golf clubs to take too long, and i knew that buying clubs at local sport goods store wasn’t an option, because i would definitely be talked into getting something better and pricier. That’s how i settled on buying my set in Walmart. When it comes to golf club selection, Walmart isn’t the best, but their store-brand clubs sure looked good and came with stand bag. I phoned some of my friends who had been playing golf for years and were familiar with different clubs, they all described Walmart store brand club set as exactly what i was looking for – something that gets the job done and is cheap at the same time.

I don’t play with them anymore, but i did use them on the golf course regularly for two years. Walmart Nitro Blasters are great for their price and do exactly what they promise to do. Obviously, you won’t and shouldn’t expect to get anything great for such low price. On the other hand, if you’re looking for good golf clubs to get you started on a path to growth and gaining experience as a golfer, then they are a catch. As i’ve pointed out probably thousand times already, you shouldn’t expect such cheap clubs to improve your game or resolve swing problems for you, but other than that, they are competent clubs that will let you have fun on the course. Granted, clubs feel a bit cheap, because of their material, probably because they are in fact cheap. I do think that stand bag looks and functions extremely well, so no complaints there.

Callaway Strata set, based on my experience, is more or less similar to the walmart set i’ve described here. Some people say it’s better, and their pricier variation, Callaway Ultimate, just might be. They are made of high quality materials and all the reviews by experienced golfers have only positive things to say about this set. Callaway is also more reputable brand than Walmart’s store brand, so that might be worth considering when you’re trying to choose best golf club set for yourself as a beginner. All in all, both of these clubs are great and you won’t regret purchasing either one of them. Just make sure to avoid knockoff clubs and used clubs. Some people say that buying used golf clubs off craigslist is good way to save money on them, but in my experience, low cost usually is associated with very poor quality.

Are expensive golf clubs worth it?

Common stereotype about golf is that it is rich man (or woman)’s sport and due to its high costs, average people rarely get to enjoy it. That stereotype isn’t exactly baseless, but it’s not entirely true either. Sure, there are many golf sets that cost few thousand dollars, and those sets do improve your golf game by a significant margin, but that margin only becomes important if you intend to play on professional levels. If you want to be a casual golfer who enjoys golfing on weekends, then the difference between high end clubs and regular, affordable clubs isn’t that vital in terms of performing at your highest potential.  Because of this misunderstanding, many beginner golfers often get discouraged from pursuing golf any further, thinking that their bad results is all because of cheap equipment. That’s rarely the case, and in my opinion, they are just impatient and want to achieve perfection without practice. Truth is, it takes months to get familiar with golf and play it properly, even at amateur level. Golf lessons and equipment can certainly help, but they can’t be the only solution. Unfortunately, those beginner golfers who do have the budget to afford these high end clubs, often do purchase them, which, of course, doesn’t solve their problems and only adds to the disappointment. So, in this article, i wanted to discuss what sort of effects do excellent golf clubs have on your game, and whether they are worth the investment at different stages of development as a golfer.


Just like with other types of equipment, quality and craftsmanship of golf clubs doesn’t increase proportionally with their price. To put it in other words, for three or four hundred dollars, you can get Callaway Strata Ultimate golf club set. It has everything that you’ll ever need as casual golfer and you should be set for at least few years. On the other hand, when you get to expensive sets, for example, one and two thousand dollar sets, the differences between them start to become bleaker as the price increases. The inability of expensive clubs to noticeably improve your game is further exacerbated by the fact that all golfers are different and no one club can fix their different problems. I always recommend to people to do the research about their playing style and take few lessons to figure out what kind of clubs they need. Sometimes people don’t even bother to get the sizes straight, and play with excellent expensive clubs which aren’t fit for their arm length. Anyone with a bit of knowledge of golf can understand how wasteful that sounds. To elaborate, when choosing a golf club, making sure it fits your body requirements or if not, having it fitted is the most important part of the process.

If you’re a beginner, the most important thing to look for in golf club sets is forgiveness. As i mentioned before, Callaway Strata series is undisputed king of affordable club sets, which is why it is wildly popular and flying off the shelves. This popularity allows Callaway to reduce production costs and make the club sets even better. If you don’t feel like getting Callaway, there are many other brands too. I’ve heard good things about beginners’ club sets by Adams and Wilson. There are pricier options available, too, and you should surely check them out if you’re not tight on budget, but most people are, so we’ll focus on average customer here. If you’re a beginner and want golf iron that is absolute best, i would recommend checking out this GolfClubsGuru guide on choosing irons. Forgiveness means that golf club is built with beginner in mind, so when she or he inevitably makes a mistake, that mistake will be negated, or to say it with other words, “forgiven”. That is the idea behind forgiving clubs and you’ll rightfully hear a lot of experts recommending them to beginners. What a lot of experts don’t say, is that forgiveness very often comes at the cost of accuracy. Still, i think a little bit of accuracy in exchange for forgiveness is a price that is worth paying for a beginner golfer.

One more benefit of buying golf club sets (at least the ones i’ve recommended above) is that they often come with a bag. Golf bags tend to cost about hundred dollars if bought separately, so getting one along with clubs as a combo is definitely a good catch.

My review of callaway strata golf set

My wife gave me Callaway strata set as a birthday gift two months ago. I have never played golf before, but expressed my desire to try it. So it makes sense that i’ve been reading and watching a lot of online golf tutorials to learn how to use my golf set properly. I do my best to master the art of perfect swing, but i have still a lot to learn. But my Strata club set is making everything easier for me. After reading some reddit and forum discussions, i’m glad that my wife chose to give me this club set. So many people have problems picking golf clubs for themselves. Some of them find their golf clubs too short, while others don’t like the material and problems just keep piling on. On the other hand, i found myself getting used to my set almost instantly, and even though i’m not an expert, clubs seem to be perfectly proportionate to my arm length. I didn’t have to hand pick particular golf irons or drivers either. I understand that for two hundred dollars, my Strata club set might not include the best drivers and woods, but i’ve tried high end clubs as well, and honestly, i can’t seem to notice difference.

A lot of other people have trouble finding golf bag that matches length of their golf clubs and the number of clubs themselves. Mine came with golf bag, which was surprisingly high quality. I’ve looked at prices of other golf bags, and some of them cost as much as my whole set, including the bag and clubs. I honestly don’t know how callaway managed to package this fantastic set of clubs and the bag into one product, but i applaud them for it. Considering the difference in prices, mine seem to be on the lower end of quality. But If this is lower end, i would love to find out what these few thousand dollar clubs are like. But whatever they are, i wouldn’t spend more than few hundred dollars on golf gear, ever. I don’t like unnecessary expenses, and considering the fact that i like my current club set, i doubt i would ever replace my strata set. And after reading few customer reviews of these club sets, i expect them to last at least two or three hours. After which, i would be happy to pay another two or three hundred clubs get new one. I doubt my experience of playing golf might entice me to get better clubs, but even if it does, i’ve taken a look at ultimate strata set, which seems great. I’m looking forward to gaining experience and filling that small golf knowledge gaps that i have left.

Best bargains on golf clubs right now

I’m a guy whose first reaction to any new product or opportunity, is to ask “how much does it cost”? I didn’t know that was something extraordinary, until one of my friends pointed it out. If you have at least one friend like me, you know the type. Some people see me as a buzzkill, but i think being concerned about my finances is part of my responsibility as an adult. So, with that being said, i wanted to devote this post to talking about best bargains on golf clubs, bags, shoes and other golf stuff right now. There are many opportunities to save money – such as buying used golf clubs, or buying one from your friend, but we hope to discuss the less obvious ones.

One of the best deals right now are on Nike golf clubs. If you haven’t heard yet, Nike decided to quit golf club market and stop making any more golf clubs. So prices on their golf clubs, especially the old models, which can’t compete with the brand new models from competitors, started shaking. They may be sold out on Amazon and major sporting goods stores, but if you source some smaller stores in your local area, it’s very likely that you will manage to get one for very good price. You can ask around for used Nike golf clubs. Some people decided to give up playing with Nikes for some reason, and they are willing to trade those clubs for pretty attractive prices. It’s perhaps because of ending of sponsorship that Nike had with Tiger Woods, but i think it’s strange reason to stop playing with your beloved club. I have bought used Nike Vapors myself, and i wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Another good deal is to buy club models for last years. Golf club manufacturers have this scheme to trick people into buying into new golf club – they launch new, improved models of certain popular golf clubs every year. So people, wanting to keep up with the times, people rush to buy new clubs and all this money flows back into the manufacturers’ cash reserves to make new golf clubs, and cycle goes on. And you can cheat this scheme by buying used, or new models from last year. They are largely discounted and quality is pretty much the same. If you can find them in used but good condition, you’re in even better luck. Those clubs cost peanuts, and last almost as well as  new one. I have had one or two good purchases like that, and they were my favorite clubs which i didn’t replace until they literally broke down.

I hope my tips helped some of you, and i’d love to hear tips from you as well, if you are willing to share them in comments.